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Real life + You

You have a story to tell.

What does it look like?

Messy and untamed. Bright and adventurous.

With the laughter and hugs.

Love and embracing.

Moving and dancing.

Let's tell that story together, moment by moment.

Rachel Aiken_Mountains Circle.png

Hello! I'm Rachel 

I am a lifestyle photographer based in the Puyallup, Washington area. With two littles of my own, I embrace life with its messes and joy. A rambunctious, train-loving four-year-old little guy named Lucas. Humbling me everyday. And my bouncy, full of sassafras little bug of a girl, Louisa. My husband and I met in Colorado during our college years. After class pick-ups, off to the rock climbing gym, with a dinner date afterward were a typical evening for us. After my husband graduated from the Air Force Academy, we've made our way from Mississippi to Oklahoma, Washington to Alaska, now back to Washington. In a former, pre-kid life, I was a first grade teacher. Now a full-time photographer momma.

My Why: To encourage a love for your story as a visual storyteller, embracing a life you may not have envisioned for yourself.

Lover of Jesus

Momma x 2

Air Force Wife

Outgoing Introvert

Enneagram Nine

Chai drinker

Minivan driver

Billy Joel Fangirl


We love Rachel! She was so sweet and patient with our three kiddos. We love all the photos she captured and how they reflect exactly who we are as a family. She is a joy to work with.

The Arsenault Family

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